51+ Ridiculously Wrong Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes

With our hilariously inaccurate quotes from the Percy Jackson series, you’ll experience the books like never before. Join the demigod gang in humorously twisted retellings of their exploits that provide a novel and humorous view of their fantastical world.

Explore the fun side of quests, monsters, and prophecies as we celebrate the core of the series in a lighthearted way. This collection, a whimsical homage to Rick Riordan’s adored world, promises hilarity, surprises, and the chance to view your favorite characters in a hilariously new light.

Leo Valdez Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes
Leo Valdez Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes

1. Percy: stares at a fork You know, I’m starting to think Poseidon might be my dad.

2. Annabeth: points at a labyrinth That’s a-maze-ing.

3. Grover: wearing sunglasses I goat this.

4. Nico: sips on a juice box I’m dark and mysterious, even when I’m drinking Capri Sun.

5. Thalia: I asked the spirits for advice, and they said to order pizza. I think they’re onto something.

6. Clarisse: People say I have anger issues, but I just think demigods are annoying.

7. Chiron: Why did the centaur go to the doctor? He had too many horse problems.

8. Rachel: I had a vision. We all need naps.

9. Luke: I’m not a thief, I just borrow things permanently.

10. Tyson: holds up a can of soda Cyclopses also have depth perception. Look, it says “Open Here.”

11. Percy: holding a trident Technically, I’m the king of the sea, so I’m basically a marine biologist.

12. Annabeth: Sometimes I wonder if my fatal flaw is just caring too much about architecture.

13. Grover: wearing a flower crown I’m one with the plants, man.

14. Nico: I told the underworld to keep it down, but it just won’t shut up.

15. Thalia: I’m not saying I’m the best with lightning, but I’ve never been struck by it, so there’s that.

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16. Clarisse: I’m not afraid of anything. Except maybe my mom finding out I haven’t cleaned my room in weeks.

17. Chiron: Knock knock.
Campers: Who’s there?
Chiron: I don’t know, but the prophecy says they’re trouble.

18. Rachel: I painted my visions once. Got a B- in art class and saved the world. Not bad.

19. Luke: Why did the demigod bring a sword to the party? For the monsters, obviously.

20. Tyson: wearing a shirt that says “Cyclops Rock” Get it? Because we do.

21. Percy: My doctor told me I need to exercise more. I told him I fight monsters for a living. He gave me a confused look.

Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes Funny
Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes Funny

22. Annabeth: I have a “Wise Girl” t-shirt. It’s the ultimate power move in debates.

23. Grover: I tried to communicate with a squirrel once. It just stared at me and then ran away. Rude.

24. Nico: I asked Hades for fashion advice. He said “dark and brooding” is always in.

25. Thalia: Can we have a “Destroyer of Cute Bracelets” demigod title? I’d be undefeated.

26. Clarisse: I’m the daughter of the god of war, but all I really want is a good battle playlist.

27. Chiron: I’ve been to more centuries than you’ve had hot meals, and trust me, the past is a wild place.

28. Rachel: I tried to predict the weather once. Turns out, meteorology is a lot less glamorous than prophecy.

29. Luke: I’m not saying I’d make a great model for swords, but my face could launch a thousand ships.

30. Tyson: holds up two donuts One for me and one for my good eye.

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31. Percy: I asked Poseidon for a pet fish once. He gave me a sibling instead. Close enough.

32. Annabeth: I’m not afraid of spiders, I just think they’re architectural critics. Eight-legged ones.

33. Grover: I tried to sing to a tree, but it didn’t applaud. Trees these days, no appreciation for good music.

34. Nico: I told Hades a pun once. He didn’t laugh. Or maybe that was his version of laughing.

35. Thalia: Being a hunter means never having to say you’re sorry for wearing comfortable shoes.

36. Clarisse: I like my weapons like I like my coffee—strong, dangerous, and not afraid to wake me up.

37. Chiron: Knock knock.
Campers: Who’s there?
Chiron: Interrupting prophecy.
Campers: Interrupting prophec—
Chiron: You’re in danger!

38. Rachel: My art teacher said my paintings were “divinely inspired.” Little did she know…

39. Luke: I tried to cook ambrosia once. It turned into gold. On the bright side, I’m rich now.

40. Tyson: holding a rubber duck Cyclops bath time is the best bath time.

41. Percy: I told Annabeth she was my Achilles’ heel. She just rolled her eyes and said, “More like your gray Achilles’ eyebrow.”

42. Annabeth: If life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand ambrosia instead.

Percy And Annabeth Incorrect Quotes
Percy And Annabeth Incorrect Quotes

43. Grover: I met a satyr once who was into heavy metal. He said it was the only way to truly connect with nature’s vibrations.

44. Nico: I asked the Fates for a break once. They said life’s not a Kit Kat commercial.

45. Thalia: Lightning struck a tree near me once. I stared it down and said, “Is that all you got?”

46. Clarisse: I don’t have anger issues; I just have a low tolerance for stupidity.

47. Chiron: A centaur walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Why the long face?” The centaur replies, “I’ve been questing again.”

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48. Rachel: I told Apollo his haikus were okay, and now he follows me around like a proud parent.

49. Luke: I tried to organize a Titan uprising once. Turns out scheduling conflicts were the real challenge.

50. Tyson: wearing sunglasses Cyclops aren’t just strong, we’re also really good at looking cool.

51. Annabeth: I’ve read so many books, my fatal flaw might actually be paper cuts.

52. Percy: I told Poseidon I was feeling a little dry once. He sent a wave to give me a high-five.


Check out our collection of inaccurate quotes to learn more about the whimsy of Percy Jackson’s world. Laugh, imagine, and rediscover the magic of beloved characters and stories that take unexpected turns. Come celebrate the funnier side of demigod adventures with us.


Q: What are “Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes”?

A: “Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes” are creative and humorous reinterpretations of dialogue and circumstances from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. They create a unique and entertaining perspective on the world of demigods and mythology by taking famous scenes and characters from the books and giving them a playful, frequently absurd twist.

Q: Are these quotes from the actual books?

A: The “Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes” are not quotes from the original books; rather, they are fan-made content. They are only meant to be enjoyed and to offer a humorous perspective on the show.

Q: Where can I find these incorrect quotes?

A selection of “Percy Jackson Incorrect Quotes” can be found on our blog. To make you smile, we’ve reimagined and recreated various series dialogue, scenes, and interactions.

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